czeching the sky

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The mission

  1. Bring down the space transportation costs.
  2. Improve the space travel affordability by a high mission frequency.
  3. Make the Czech Republic a space nation.

The philosophy

Building a rocket needs not to be a rocket science.
  • “Kalashnikov” design. No need to be on the cutting-edge, but to be technologically just good enough to achieve the goal.
  • Relaxed specifications which suppress risks, lead to rapid development and faciliate reusability.
  • Optimize cost and reliability ahead of performance.
  • Utilize of-the-shelf parts and available industrial infrastructure as much as reasonably possible.
The resulting launch system would then incorporate the following virtues
  • It is simple and therefore inherently reliable. A part, which is not required, needs not to be developed and never fails.
  • It is “user friendly”, so it requires only a small, reasonably skilled team to operate.
  • It is reusable to a large extent. No or little refurbishment between missions.
  • It is easily transportable within the frame of existing infrastructure.