Czech Sparrow

Design highlights
  • Capacity … SSO ~180 kg LEO ~250 kg –> Possibly higher if landing location optimized
  • Goal mission price max. 2,5 million Euro (excl. tax and insurance)
  • Partially reusable concept
  • Transportable inside a single standard 40’ container
  • Storable propellants –> extensive use of composites
  • Engine out capability
  • Booster landing on a mobile platform
    • Landing flexibility –> enhanced capacity
    • Booster mass saving
    • Effective and prompt Booster securing and pick up
  • Robust and user friendly propulsion system
  • Pressurization gas as the RCS propellant
  • “Matryoshka staging”: The whole 2nd stage is stored inside the Booster
    • Nothing falls off during ascent –> no drop zone -> enhanced ground safety
    • Mission recurring cost reduction
    • 2nd stage dry mass reduction
  • Hot gas thrusters instead of movable fins or grids for
    reentry trajectory adjustment –> Reduced complexity
SparrowBooster (1st stage)V-Rex (2nd stage)
Height (m)1212~3.5*
Loaded mass (kg)~27,50022,0005,300*
Dry mass (kg)2,000300*
*Excl. payload and expendable fairing