RRDD - First development phase, Proof of concept and competence

Project goals
  • Low cost development of critical components and subsystems
  • Proof of concept
  • Proof of competence of the team and of collaboration efficiency
Capabilities -perform all the critical maneuvers during launch, reentry and landing, including:
  • Take off and climb to a specified altitude
  • In flight engines restart
  • Hover
  • Precise landing
  • Concept: A drone powered by four fixed off axis PEPEk 1 engines
  • Total nominal thrust: 4.4kN
  • Hover time: 90-120s
  • Empty mass: 150kg
  • Take off mass: 300kg
  • Max diameter: ~800mm (w/o fixed landing legs)
  • Height: ~1.7m (w/o fixed landing legs)
  • Pitch, yaw, roll by means of thrust variation of the PEPEk 1 engines