OTESting - First commercial milestone

The OTESting will be a sub-orbital fully reusable single stage micro-launcher based on the R2D2 design. It will be equipped with 8 PEPEk-1 enginesand later with 4 PEPEk-1 and a single PEPEk-4 engine. It will be able to lift approx. 50kg of payload to approx. 150km altitude. It will provide a 3.5 to 5 minutes at microgravity conditions.

ConceptSingle stage, fully reusable, vertical launch and landing
Total nominal thrust9.2kN
Altitude130 - 210km
Time in Micro-G3 - 5min
Take-off mass620-650kg
Empty mass90kg
Max diameter600mm
Payload bay dimension
Dynamic pressure at Max Q20kPa
Max G-load5G
Pitch, yaw, roll by means of thrust variation of at least four PEPE-1k engines.
Max 2h pre-flight preparation (incl. fueling, inspections, excl. payload integration.)
Ultimate mission price: 40kEUR.
Mission profile
EventTime (s)Approx. altitude MSL (km)
Engines igniteT-50
Max QT+507
Engines shut down (max G)T+12036
Apogee (~140km) T+260120
Re-entry control starts T+39560
4 Engines re-start T+4407